TCN Recruitment

TCN Recruitment – Specialist Recruitment Consultants for the Construction-Industries

TCN RECRUITMENT specialises in recruitment for the *construction-related industries only, mainly in Thailand, but also in neighbouring S.E. Asian countries.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, TCN RECRUITMENT personnel also actually work on a daily basis in the industry, so when we talk to clients and candidates we really know the industry and how it works, we know the major players, and we understand terminology and jargon, the finer details of a job description and the relevance of past employment experiences.

[*by construction-related industries, we mean industries such as Building, Civils, Power, Property, Telecomm, etc]

Clients – TCN RECRUITMENT aims to work closely with you to identify your requirements, achieve the best solutions for you, and to establish a long-term relationship. TCN RECRUITMENT has candidates throughout Thailand, S.E. Asia, and Worldwide available and interested in your vacancy. TCN RECRUITMENT can find who you are looking for.

Candidates – TCN RECRUITMENT aims to work closely with you, to place you in positions that meet your criteria. While our fee comes from our client, that does not mean that we lose sight of your requirements, and we will most definitely not try to place you in locations and positions that do not meet your requirements – TCN RECRUITMENT does not employ a ‘square peg in a round hole’ placement mentality. If you contact TCN RECRUITMENT, we guarantee that we will respond to discuss how we can help. With over thirty years experience of being a candidate ourselves, you can trust TCN RECRUITMENT to know and offer what you want from a recruitment consultancy.

Recruitment Agencies – TCN RECRUITMENT is a ‘maverick’ of the recruitment world. Recruitment agencies traditionally do not like to assist each other; we do. In a situation where you are unable to source a candidate/s to fill a position but we can (or a reverse situation), why not fee share for a WIN / WIN solution. TCN RECRUITMENT has working alliances with fellow recruitment agencies in Thailand, S.E. Asia, and Worldwide – join us. Contact TCN RECRUITMENT to discuss how this works.

Usually those qualified for the job opening are those who are not looking for the jobs or are “passive job seekers.” So they won’t be posting their CV’s or applying for the positions on websites (or in newspapers). That’s why we need to find another channel to attract them.”

TCN RECRUITMENT has that exclusive access to THE most successful channel, Thailand Construction News (TCN) E-Newsletter. We produce TCN and send it out to probably the largest database of construction professionals inside Thailand, and to those outside of Thailand with interest to work here. You can include details of your vacancy in TCN, issued weekly, and get instant interest from a far greater number of potential applicants than by conventional means.

“There are thousands of executive search companies in China and India; even Thailand has more than 400. Every other person I meet seems to be a head-hunter these days, but I wouldn’t touch most of them with a bargepole,” says an organisation development consultant in Shanghai. “There is a striking lack of professionalism. How many of them really find out what the job requires and how many of them know how to discover what a candidate can really do?”

TCN RECRUITMENT does not profess to be the most knowledgeable headhunter in Thailand, but we bet we are the only knowledgeable headhunter working exclusively in the specialist field of construction-related industries and we have the industry inside-knowledge and experience to know what the job requires, what criteria is required of candidates to fill it successfully for clients and how to find suitable candidate(s).

Our Background:

In 2005, our Managing Director, Mr. Peter Carlisle, commenced producing Thailand Construction News (TCN), Thailand’s first and only construction industries E-Newsletter, issued fortnightly by email, which features construction news, local events, contact details, and S.E. Asia jobs.

Initially through TCN we offered assistance to companies, candidates, and recruitment agents to help fill their vacancies but as our involvement grew, our knowledge of the recruitment industry increased and the popularity of our service outstripped the free time we could avail ourselves, so we introduced TCN RECRUITMENT to the market as Thailand’s only specialised recruitment consultants in the construction-industries.

If you are Company looking for construction / engineering staff or a Candidate seeking employment in Thailand or S.E. Asia, we look forward to hearing from you.

For enquiries, please go to our contact page.